The companies at the top of the poultry industry

Welcome to the October edition of Poultry International, which is our regular look at the World’s Top Poultry Companies.

The industry continues to evolve and so have we, and we hope that you will find our new format easier to use and more informative. Again, we’ve grouped by region and country but laid out the pages in a way that we think will be easier to use.


Along with this, we’ve highlighted the larger companies by region to offer a quick and easy entry point into the world of who’s who in the poultry industry.

If you compare this edition of the World’s Top Poultry Companies with previous editions, you will certainly find new names, but you will also see some have gone. Yes, the industry is evolving and some companies have disappeared since we last visited. However, this is not the end of the story. Our database has now become so extensive that what we have published across the following pages is simply a snapshot of what you can access online.

Not only is there greater detail on for the companies listed here, along with entries for those companies that have not made it into the print edition, but we also offer data going back to 2009.

And as with previous years, the online version of Top Companies can be used to create a list of the major players by country and by region, or you can simply search for an individual company by name. The initiative, across the magazine and WATTAgNet, has become our most popular of the year, perhaps not surprising given the rich and unique source of data that it offers.

What I also think is interesting about this project is it really is a demonstration of success, and this success is spread across the world.

Some of the companies listed are national, some regional and some are truly global, but what unites them all is the desire to succeed and to put in the effort to make their desires a reality. So we congratulate those companies that have made it into World’s Top Poultry Companies 2012 and extend our thanks to all those who have helped us in putting this growing resource together. 

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